You maybe saw these funny looking black & white squares on advertisements and you may have even seen somebody holding a smartphone against it. “What are these things,” you ask. These are QR codes – short for Quick Response Codes.

Their purpose?

They connect the real world with the mobile world of any company’s end consumers. You can get the user from wherever they may be to your website, Facebook, or other digital content. By doing so, the engagement of the consumer towards any company is enhanced!

How does it work? And who uses QR Codes?

A company creating an advertisement places a QR code on that advertisement. The end consumer scans that QR code with an app he has on his smartphone. You can even download one here. The scanning of the QR code will lead the person scanning to a website where they reach the advertisement’s purpose, whatever it may be. It can direct the user to make a purchase, view instructions, like your Facebook page, or even share your campaign; it’s up to you! Thus, the relation between the company and the end consumer deepens since the conversation is prolonged beyond the short touch point of a simple advertisement.

Who uses QR codes?

Anyone can use a QR Code! Agencies that want to have more analytics to better plan their media budget, the small businesses that are trying to gain more visitors on their website, or even the online store that increases their sales through coupon solutions. QR Codes are used for all types of reasons by all types of people from all around the world!

Where can QR codes be used?

Pretty much anywhere! You can put them wherever you want to see a higher engagement from your customer: in newspapers on advertisements, big posters, shop windows, product packaging as well as in emails and on websites. You decide!

What should I link the QR code to?

This totally depends on the goal of your marketing campaign. You may want to link it to a special offer you have on your website for particular products, to your facebook page in order to get more likes, to a manual about a product, etc. Please find here the most important rules about how to use QR codes.

In short: Think about where your customer wants to get connected with you  through their mobile. THAT is where a QR code needs to be. Register now. And create free QR codes.