A picture has a lot of data. Unfortunately too much data for a QR code. That is why we slightly have to circumvent that problem and solve it otherwise. Here is the explanation as to how:

1. You need to upload your picture to some sort of cloud service. This could be for example flickr.com, dropbox.com, facebook.com or Google Drive. There are many others.

2. Get the URL link of that picture. The different cloud services have different ways of how to provide you with that link.

On flickr.com you need to click on the share-icon which you in find on the far right hand side of your uploaded picture.

In dropbox, you need to scroll down to the picture you want to link to. On the far right hand side appears a link-icon. Clicking on this will give you the link to use.

In facebook, you hover over the picture. A drop-down menu opens where you choose to save the picture’s link.

In google drive, you click on the picture you want to link to. On the lower right hand corner click on the Share button. A window will open up and give you the link you want to use.

3. Then you go to http://qrcode.kaywa.com and log in with your username and password.

4. Create a dynamic code with the URL link of your picture by inserting the URL link into the field and hitting Generate Dynamic. You can also add a design to that QR code.

Now you are ready. When you scan the QR code, you see your picture appearing immediately.