There are actually two ways in which you can guide your user from a QR code to your Facebook profile.

A standard, but not as cool version and a direct mobile intelligent version providing less obstacles from the user to you.

The standard, but not as cool version: You create a QR code with the radio button “URL” on our homepage. To do so you just enter the URL of your FB profile. That may look something like this:

When your user scans this code, he is first directed to the general Facebook website in his smartphone browser. Often people are not logged into facebook on their phone’s browser. So what happens? He does land on your profile, but he first is asked to log in before he can neatly look at your profile. Some readers do not even make it to that point. They only open up the general facebook site. So, the risk is: you lose your potential Like.

You can make your code this way for free. Just create a dynamic code.

The mobile intelligent version: We call it the TRUE facebook code. You choose the radio button “Facebook” on our homepage. Then you also type in just the exact same FB profile as above. But what we do now: We convert it for you with the following result.

When your user now scans the code, he is led to your profile via the mobile app of Facebook that he has on his phone. Since the user is always logged in, he lands directly on your profile (all mobile friendly) and very, very close to your LIKE button. Now, this is how it should work in today’s mobile crazy world.

This cool feature is included in all our plans.

In order to see the difference for real, please compare the two codes here:

The standard, but not as cool version: going to the Facebook website through the phone’s browser, having to sign in first.


The mobile intelligent version: going to your profile via the FB mobile app, landing next to your Like button.