The big advantage about dynamic codes is that you can change the URL (or website address) to which they direct to anytime. And Kaywa allows you to do so indefinitely.

Please find below some instructions how to:

1. Kaywa offers you the service of changeability of URLs within its subscriptions. Please find all our plans here.

2. When logged in (your username appears top right), click on Home. That way you are on your dashboard and there you see your codes.

3. Click on edit behind the URL of any code.


4. The field becomes active and you can fill in your new URL. Make sure you do not forget about the http:// Once ready, click on save. Your code instantly leads to the new URL. You are allowed to do this indefinite times; that way you can re-use your code over and over again.


5. You can do so also with the title of your code – rename it so you are sure to keep control of your codes. Click on “edit” behind the title of your code, rename it and save.