The generator allows you to design all your codes within your subscription. And each code can be designed as many times as you like – over and over again indefinitely.

1st Step:

Go to your dashboard and click on the orange icon „Design“ below your code you want to design.


2nd Step:

The Kaywa Design Generator opens up.

A. On top of the Generator you see the number of the code that you currently work at.

B. Then you can choose an image which you would like to apply to your code. The Generator may slightly change colour in order to make sure that the functionality of the code is guaranteed.


Once uploaded you can place the image as you like by clicking on it and moving it with the mouse. Or you can also adjust the size by clicking onto the black corners and pulling (A).

You can also decide not to put an image at all by clicking onto „Continue without image“ (B).


3rd Step:

Now you choose the form and color of your corner eyes.

A. Click on the form of the corner square that matches your design. The corner squares adapt.

B. Click on the icon „Corner Square Color“. A window opens up with a choice of colors. Click onto the matching one. Your corner squares change adapt.



4th Step:

Your Design Code is finished! Congratulations.

All you need to do now is to download it. When clicking on Verify & Download, we quickly make sure that your code has all its functionality with the new Design. If a message comes up saying

„We cant approve the readability of your Design QR Code, please upload another image or try changing colors !“

we highly recommend you go over your design again as such a code probably not be scannable.


5th Step:

After the click, a window will appear that will ask you whether you want to open the document or to save it into the downloads folder.

We highly recommend you save it to your computer. Our Design Codes are momentarily not yet stored on the dashboard. So it is your responsibility to keep them safe with you.

You can re-do the design of your code over and over again. When you click again on the orange icon „Design“, the last version of your design will show up. Then just upload a new image and there you go with creating another design.

Through all this, your black and white code is always the basis. Scans of the design code will show up on the stats of the basic black&white code.