How do I delete a QR Code?

Well…QR Codes actually cannot be deleted. There’s a logical reason for this, and it has to do with your customers’ experience.

Let’s say you have a code printed on a flyer, but now the campaign is over. Logically, you would delete that code in your account because you no longer need it for your campaign. However, one of your customers may still have the flyer lying around, and if he were to scan the deleted code, he would get an error message. What a bad experience for your customer! User experience is paramount to us, and that’s why we don’t delete QR Codes.

But there is an advantage to hanging onto old codes. Try this with one of your old ones: find it on your dashboard and edit the URL, either to your general website or to your new campaign’s site. We know from experience that people scan QR Codes long after the associated campaigns have ended. Connecting your old codes to a current campaign or your website will always lead your users back to you. To edit URLs, choose Kaywa’s most convenient subscription plan for you.