QR code FAQ

What is the coupon for? How does the coupon work?

Do you plan on doing a promotion? And your customer receives a coupon in order to get that special promotion? Then this features is for you.

Create your promotion, print on it our new coupon QR codes, publish it in a newspaper/on a flyer. When people scan the code, a mobile coupon is directly generated on their phone. Which they then will use to either come in store or go to the e-shop to redeem it.

When generating this coupon QR code, you are asked to fill in our templates that will trigger the mobile coupon that your customer will receive. So no creation of landing page is necessary anymore. It is all included. See in this short presentation how to do it.

1. Choose the radio button “coupon” if wanting to do a promotion where people get a coupon.

2. Choose if you want to make a coupon for your webshop or for your real stores.

3. A form pops up. Here you define how the coupon will look when displayed on the mobile phone of your customer. The webshop or in store forms are slightly different. Fill in the forms. You can choose image displayed, promotion text, expiry date, etc. When clicking on „Generate Dynamic“ a coupon QR code is created.

4. Your coupon QR code gets saved on your dashboard with a special icon.

5. You can also design your coupon QR code.

Here are some examples:


6. Now the QR Code pointing to your coupon is ready.

a) Download that QR code from your dashboard and integrate it into your promotion (online, newspaper advertisement, flyer, etc.)

b) Publish your promotion.

7. When the QR code of your promotion is scanned by your prospects, they are shown the coupon, just as you have defined them in the templates. Either webshop or instore.

8. Your prospects can share the coupon. To get that viral effect. And all coupons are stored in the history of the Kaywa Reader, so you can get back to them anytime.

9. Redemption

Webshop: Your prospect clicks on the URL shown on the coupon. He is directed to there and enters the promo code given on the coupon.

In store: The prospect goes to the store, shows the mobile coupon to the sales personnel and gets the discount.

10. You get the scan statistics of your QR coupon campaigns. Please find more info on it here. In short:

How many times has the coupon QR code been scanned, when, with which Operating System and with which phone, and from where (country and city). So much valuable information for your marketing activities – just as with any other code.

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