QR code FAQ

How do I use QR Codes to measure clicks in emails or on websites?

QR Codes can actually do more than you might think. Here is a neat way to use your code as an analytic tool.

Every company sends out emails or uses website referrals to make customers aware of its products or services. This type of tool could be a newsletter that directs customers to a certain new product via a website link. Or, it could be an email that offers a link to register for an event. As a Kaywa subscriber, you can measure how often these links are clicked with your QR Code subscription, instead of having to pay more for a separate analytics tool. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

Here’s how it works: Let’s say you have an email going out with a hyperlinked phrase, such as “Register here for our workshop.” This type of link typically leads to a sub-site on your homepage. To use your QR Code, hyperlink the phrase “Register here for our workshop” with your code’s address instead of your sub-site’s address (see the FAQ on how to create hyperlinks). You can find your QR Code’s address below your code on your dashboard. It should look something like this: http://kaywa.me/xzy; in the screen shot below, it’s inside the pink rectangle.

And what does that do? Now, every time a customer clicks the registration link in an email, the click will be counted as a scan of your code. In your code’s statistics, it will be shown as “non-mobile” and you can see the geographical location where that click occurred. This information provides you with insightful information about how many people actually click on your registration link, as well as how many actually end up registering, thus providing you with a small but handy funnel analysis to determine how many of your potential customers become actual customers.

Well, I hope you have learnt something more about our service. Want to use this special feature? Please find all our analytics tools here.

How to do a hyperlink? Click onto the word behind which you want to put a link, click on the right side of your mouse. A window opens up where you insert the website the click should lead to. That is where you put in the name of the code. And ready you are to measure your clicks!

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