QR code FAQ

What is a static QR Code? And how do I create one?

Static codes point to a fixed address, open an SMS, a v-card or an email on smartphones, or save a phone number. They cannot be changed.

To generate a static code, go to http://qrcode.kaywa.com and decide what kind of static code you want to create:

Input your address or content information and move the slider button over to “Static”:

Then click on the “Generate Static” button, and there is your QR Code!

To download the QR Code, hover your mouse over the code that you just generated, right-click, and choose “Save image as…” to save it to your computer. If you can’t find it later, just create a new one!

Consider trying our dynamic QR Codes. They come with administration, analytics, support and much more. The most important benefit of dynamic QR Codes is that you are safe. If you ever need or want to change the address that it’s linked to, we can guide you through the process. And now, you can get 5 dynamic QR Codes for free if you register. So why not give it a try?

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